Tuesday, August 10

My personal weight loss journal (Personal enough for the whole world to see)

Ok, so once again I am 20 lbs. overweight.  What to do?  Do I sign up for Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, by some new weight loss book?  A half hour ago, I was one keystroke away from buying The Truth about Six Pack Abs for $40.  Then I decided on the key elements of a successive weight loss program and decided I already know most of them:
1. Be Accountable - record what I eat & what activities I do
2. Support - This is usually the "nice" consultant at WW or LA Weightloss (that is now out-of-business)
3. Spreading out small portion control meals/snacks throughout the day
4. Fat burning exercise (which can be anything from walking the dog to bootcamp)
5. Drinking lots of water (have to stay hydrated in the heat of summer anyway)
6. Overall eat less calories per day than you burn (but don't starve your body)
7. Learn what type of foods work for you to loss weight and to be healthy (avoid fried foods, hydrogenated oils, etc)
8. Eat a balance of Fruit, Vegetables, Protein, Dairy, & Fats
9.  Have a positive approach :)
10. See the results!

So today is day 1 of my Blog "Liz is losing weight!" - Like the positive approach? So I have a personal food/activity journal that I keep in my purse (I'm not going to bore you with each bite I take-but more on that later) and I have #2 solved my support is all of you readers.  So please be supportive and share your tips.  I will share what I read, past experiences that work and don't work for me, and how I try to implement all of the above key elements.  My goal is to lose weight and not spend an arm & a leg joining a weight loss program.  Please follow my progress-more to come.  Remember your my support!


  1. Thank you for starting this blog Liz. Not just for yourself but for real women like me. I am fighting the battle of the bulge and really need someone to help guide me and to learn from. So you Liz are it! Good luck and keep posting.


  2. Awesome blog idea....sometimes just writing what you are thinking, feeling, experiencing, etc helps put it all into perspective. Weight loss is burning more calories than you eat. But...I wish it was as easy to do, as it is to say. :-) I've been struggling with it for a while now....and seem to have finally found a balance (for now) that works. Having support is so important!!!!!!! Count me in!