Sunday, August 22

Day 13: Take Two

So, 2 parties all summer, both in the same night.  Last night I ate lightly before I went to the parties then I only at healthy choices.  I came home last night and entered all the healthy choices and they added up to about 700 calories.  I didn't go over my total caloric intake for the day, but I was very surprised at what everything added up to when I thought I wasn't eating alot! 

Then back to the gym this morning, followed by working a 4 hour shift selling hotdogs, brats, & burgers at a booth for Boy Scouts.  I didn't eat or drink any booth food-yeah! 

Then came home to "take two" of my sister-in-law's photography shoot of all the recipes for her soon to be published book Living in the Burbs and Cooking My Way Back to Sanity.  Another challenging night of avoiding devilish appetizers & desserts.

I'm surrounded by food!  Yikes!

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