Sunday, August 15

Day 6: Sunday's S.O.S. Shout out

Yesterday's reward was to take my work out after the gym to the Pool and then to soothe my muscles in a hot tub. What a treat! Then last night I dodged a high calorie dinner out by ordering a seared Tuna steak and only eating half. So now I'm on a statiomary bike and anticipating trouble as my wonderful sister-in-law who is about to Publish her hilarious book entitled: Living in the Burbs and Cooking My Way to Sanity is coming over tonight with 11 of her recipes to photograph and then devour. WHAT DO I DO?


  1. wow - you sound determined! Lucky you being able to soothe your muscles in a hottub!

  2. Ever since I was cleared to run outside, I haven't been to the gym. (I was going every morning before work.) I really need to get back into some strength training habits. (sigh) Guess now is as good a time as any!

    Hot tubs are an awesome treat!!!!!