Wednesday, August 18

Day 9: Catching up on 1st Season "Lost" episodes with my daughter.

So, I've been putting off my post today because I had a migraine and a stomach ache most of the afternoon.  The recovery period was laying on the couch watching Lost with my teenage daughter.  I did manage to wake up early and get to the gym before my migraine set in after noon.  I believe the trigger might have been this Jump Start diet plan that is pretty dismal.  I'll have to re-evaluate tomorrow.
Good night everyone,


  1. I used to suffer from migraines when I was younger. All the women in the family do, until they hit their mid to upper 20's, then they go away (thank goodness). No amount of weight loss is worth getting a least, that's my thought. Hope your head is better today!!!!!!!

  2. Feeling better thanks. Just very low energy, still eating right but laying low.