Friday, August 27

Day 17 & Day 18: Weigh-in

Officially, it has been 4 weeks since my weight loss plan started. I hit this high number on the scale right before I went on vacation to the beach, not good!  What was even worse was I discovered that I was practically the only person wearing a one piece suit!  I decided to be more careful with my meals on vacation and exercise at the resort's gym, I was pleased to see when I got back that I lost weight! Which has to be a first on vacation!

So my weigh in yesterday was 7 lbs. loss. (1.75 lbs. a week) To celebrate I made Lasagna (Eggplant Lasagna substituted with Portabella Mushroom, kudos to for posting her recipe of Eggplant Lasagna).

Today, still getting kids ready to go back to school.  They finially go back on Monday, Aug. 30th.  So today will be backpack shopping.  So maybe some Mall walking for me.

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