Sunday, December 19

Brain Dead in the Burbs and Cooking Your Way Back to Sanity

This is the title of the book that my sister-in-law just published the end of November and I have been busy trying to get the word out.  It is hilarious!  A fabulous stocking stuffer,  also a great book club "book" to read and share stories. 

It's available locally in St. Louis at a few bookstores, at

This is the type of book that describes one of those crazy insane days that you wish you could write about!  And my sister-in-law, Laura, has written all of these great laugh- out-loud stories.  You'll love it.  Each chapter ends with a delicious recipe!  Which I have to admit is partly to blame for my recent weight gains.  So now I'm back to blog world to gain support from all my blogging buddies to get me back on track!  Please check out the book, it's amazing!  I'm so proud of her for publishing.  Many of you may remember back in August my posts regarding Laura making all of her dishes so we could photograph them for the book.  Well it has all come to fruition!  If you get a chance to visit her website or read the book then let me know what you think.