Wednesday, September 1

Day 23: Best Time of Day to Exercise?!?

Below are some pros & cons on the Best Time of Day to Exercise from an article I came across


■Fewer distractions and schedule interruptions
■Raises your metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day
■Gives a physical and mental energy boost
■Easier to form exercise habit through morning exercise
■Cooler temperatures in the summer
■Body temperature is at its lowest meaning less energy and blood flow
■Cold muscles are more prone to injury

■Body temperatures are higher
■Can help regulate the amount of food you eat at lunch
■Improves blood flow to the brain for the afternoon
■Can make it a habit to walk at lunch time with an exercise buddy from work
■Time constraints might not allow a full workout
■Lung function is worst at noon
■Distractions are readily available

■Best time to exercise for endurance and for building muscle
■Body temperature is at best level
■Lung function is best
■Perceived exertion is lowest
■Stress relief after busy day
■Distractions may keep you from exercising

■Muscles are warm and flexible
■Perceived exertion is low
■Can help regulate the amount of food you feel like for dinner
■Need to wind down after exercising to fall asleep
■Distractions may keep you from exercising

So really when is the best time to exercise? The best time is the time that you are most likely to workout consistently. Exercise when and where you most enjoy it and you’ll be more likely to stick with your routine.
I’d love to hear your comments on when you have found is the best time to exercise for you?


  1. I like this pro/con listing. I have thus far just exercised when convenient which is usually after work. But recently with the darkness creeping in on our days I have had to make adjustments and have started working out in the morning, 445 am, before work. And I've come to like it, so far. Ask me if I like it when the dead of winter is upon us and I may have a different answer.

    I'm going to touch on my recent change to early a.m.exercise in tomorrows post on my blog and think I'll actually link back to this post of yours too, like I said I like this pro/con listing.

  2. Patrick-Thanks for visiting.