Sunday, September 19

Awestruck with receiving a Blogging Award!

I feel that I'm relatively new to Blogging and losing weight, but I have to admit that I was more excited about receiving a Blog Award than losing 10 lbs.  My daughter would say "Get a life mom",  but I say "Yeah me!"  and "Thank you to all my fellow bloggers".  Because Blogging is not sitting on the couch or playing a video game or talking to people who want to sabbotage your weight loss, it's gaining support and information on how to become a healthier person.  First I received the Award from Tish at Incremental Improvements and then practically at the same time from Patrick at Responsibility 199.  Please visit these fabulous Blogs for true inspiration.

The Rules for Eligibility are:

1. Answer the question, "If you had one chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

2. Pass on to six people and inform them of the award.

The one thing I would change is that I would have rebelled against my parents who said I had to eat everything on my plate!  We develope our eating habits at a very very young age, and eating everything in front of us is a very difficult habit to break. 

Love ya mom, but that didn't serve me very well.

Today I'm delighted to nominate six bloggers who have "Beautiful Blogs with that Little Bit Extra." 
1. Michelle at Meesh (previously The Garlic Chronicles)
2. Diane at fit to the finish
3. Aliana at Health Love Happiness
4.  Tania at The Road Back To Being Me
5.  Marcelle at Marcy's Weight Loss Journey
6.  Terri at Territorial

Congratulations everyone!  Have a great Sunday and keep on Blogging!


  1. Thanxxxxxxxxxx so very much for the blogger award....I will do it on my blog tomorrow....xx

  2. Thank you so much Liz! Love your blog too and congratulations on your award!!

  3. The nice pink cupcake award looks good on your blog, Liz. Congrats--you doubly deserve it.