Tuesday, September 7

Tuesday: Felt like a Monday

Bailey- "I promise I'll take you swimming tomorrow!"  Very light work out today, healthy eating in several small meals.  Bailey tried to tell me multiple times today to get off the phone and the computer and take her walking and swimming.  There is always tomorrow!


  1. Gorgeous dog!!! :-)

    Our black lab, Sam, has started going crazy when I get home. She runs to me, to the backdoor, to me, to the backdoor.....she knows that I'll throw the ball for her a bunch to wear her out.....when really, all she wants is the attention. Hubby has already worn her out during the day. Sneaky thing she is! :-)

  2. Sodid you two go swimmming?

    Have a good day, Never Forget!

  3. Oh yeah we went Swimming. Bailey was very happy. If you have ever seen Purina's dock diving dog competition, then you would have a good idea of how my dog runs down the steps and dives into the pool.

  4. LOL, our dogs were always really good at putting on the "sad puppy face" to remind us to take them out.