Tuesday, October 5

Awesome Tuesday

Homemade Granola Bar

Ok, so every once in a while my husband makes homemade granola bars from the Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics Cookbook. I decided this could be part of my breakfast, but I wanted to do a calorie check first.  Adding up all the ingredients this came up to 220 calories.  I decided it was a reasonable temptation and ate it before I could change my mind.  That's not emotional eating is it?  I almost took a picture of this Granola bar next to a Cliff bar at 240 calories (but the Cliff bar looked so pitiful in comparison that I couldn't do it, plus it was smashed because I dug it out of my son's backpack).

What does everyone think of all the so-called "health bars" on the Market? 


  1. I started getting a different one each time...taking a picture of the wrapper, and then of the bar. But I stopped after a while. I was doing it to research which ones I wanted to take on my backpacking trip. Eventually decided that when out in the woods, they were all going to taste good. :-)

  2. The one your hubby makes looks amazing!!!!!

  3. The one your hubby made looks so much better than a store bought one. My husband and I take some we buy on bike rides and long walks. Store bought bars are supposedly healthy for you, but most have ingredients that aren't.

    I'd love to have the recipe so I can make my own.

  4. That looks nice!

    I think health bars in shops are generally loaded with sugar....home-made is so much better because you know exactly what's gone into them, and can work out exactly what calories, sugar, etc is in there.

  5. Interested in Ina Garten's recipe: We used only 2 T. butter, but my husband says next time he's going to try it without butter


  6. LOL, dont know why the bar against the tape meaqsure made me laugh... moving on; I am not a fan of any commercially made bars myself. Just comes off as a bunch of dung in my mouth.

    I do like home made bars, we can control the ingredients better. the trade off, their shelf life is less. Which is fine by me, cause they don't need to last long :-)

  7. My husband loves cliff bars, but your granola bar looks so much better!