Tuesday, January 25

New Year's Resolution

I've been missing from blog land for 5 weeks or so! I do miss everyone! My New Year's resolution is to master the 8 angle pose pictured a couple of posts ago. I am happy to say that I was able hold the crane pose steady for 6 seconds! Thanks to groupon I was able to find a great instructor and took a hour and 1/2 class last week. The groupon was for 10 classes for $25(saving $95). Since the New Year I have been plagued by the stomach virus which looks like it developed into IBS. So any magical Irritable Bowel friendly recipes would be much appreciated. Right now my Doc asked me to avoid dairy and take probiotics. Help!!!

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  1. Oh I cannot help with recipes for IBS but I sure do wish you relief & recovery soon; no way to start a new year!

    I went back to this post...
    to see those poses. Wow, if you can do those you are amazing! I cannot imagine a day I'd be this in-shape, flexible, courageous, etc to try. But, you never know :-)

    Get Well!